Plug n' Play.

Plug n' Play has been bringing vibrant ideas and concepts to life since 2008. We help marketing agencies, event agencies, festival organizers, production houses and companies looking to boost their commercial campaigns.

Group photo of the Plug n' Play team during a team building.

About Plug n' Play

Plug n' Play consists of an enthusiastic team of 25 employees who, with great expertise, technical knowledge and enthusiasm, transform your creative designs and technical drawings into tangible concepts such as exhibition stands, pop-up containers, food trucks, etc.

Everything is made in our own 3000 m² workshop in Rumst, Belgium. Our high-end machines combined with a lot of in-house know-how? That's a great combination!

A person performing welding work on a metal structure, by Plug n' Play.

Who do we work for?

Since 2008, Plug n' Play has been the regular sparring partner of small and large companies, marketing agencies, event agencies, production houses, festival and exhibition organizers and anyone who wants to promote, stimulate and activate commercial projects.

Our portfolio is well filled with great references from national and international clients. If our clients are to be believed, we are especially praised for our flexible and personal approach, our no-nonsense attitude, our quality and, of course, our great looks.

A white large 3D object in the shape of the letter 'O' in a paint shop, created by Plug n' Play.

Can you make this?

This is without a doubt the most frequently asked question to the Plug n' Play team. Sure we can make this happen!

Our doors and mailboxes are always open so feel free to come and pitch your wild ideas. Together with our partners Isocraft, Pentagon and BS Lettering, we are able to throw all our skills into the fray to bring your question, idea or concept to life.

Jump in and meet our team, a pleasantly disturbed and hard working bunch that can design, weld, mill, saw, drill, carpenter, coat, paint and ohhh... so much more.