Set design.

Looking for a set designer to create your unique set pieces, glitzy eye-catchers and expressive show elements? Plug n' Play works out creative concepts and structures for commercials, TV and film sets, fashion shows, photo shoots, theme parks, etc. As an experienced set designer, no idea is too crazy for us.


Decor pieces are often playful, creative and colorful, but at the same time they must also be light, durable, manageable and affordable. That is precisely the strength of Plug n' Play. We start with a mood board, create a look & feel that perfectly matches your idea and keep a close eye on the budget so you won't have any unpleasant surprises.


No idea is too crazy for the Plug n' Play team, because we do love a good challenge. For the production of sets and set pieces, we let our experience and expertise speak for itself and call in our high-end machinery. We work with quality materials and are known for our flawlessly applying the finishing touches.

What we can do for you:

  • Conception, design, production and assembly of sets
  • Individual set pieces, 3d objects, blow-ups
  • Creating reproduction statues, exclusive sculptures and display pieces
  • 3D foam, 3D advertising, structures for video mapping
  • For various industries: film, TV, advertising, fashion shows, events, photo shoots, showrooms, window displays, exhibitions, statues, museums, theme parks
  • Painting, airbrushing, coating, spraying of 3d objects
  • Other wild ideas you come up with

Why choose plug n' play?

Plug n' Play has built an excellent reputation as a set builder due to our "fair value for money and professional service".

This is what our customers say about us and we are extremely proud of that! We have all the know-how in house to create technically complex 3D objects, but can just as well go all out to create smaller event decorations.


Are you curious about what we have been able to accomplish in the past? Check out some of our completed projects here and get inspired!

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