3D Objects & Letters.

Looking for a striking 3D blow-up or eye-catcher for your company or event? Are you looking for a 3D manufacturer to bring your set pieces or artwork to life? How about life-size 3D letters or a 3D logo?

Then you've come to the right place at Plug n' Play!
We create 3D art & blow-ups.

100% Custom made

Plug n' Play works 100% custom and is genuinely interested in all your 3D requirements. We are an involved partner throughout the entire process, from creative design to applying the final touches. Each 3D design is made of light, sturdy and bulky EPS material. With in-house expertise , we cut, mill and assemble styrofoam into the right 3D shape. In terms of finishing, several options are available such as airbrushing, painting, spraying and coating for a durable effect. Curious?

Put your brand in the spotlight!

Plug n' Play makes sure your brand is clearly visible and recognisable in the public space. With a strong focus on visual communication, we completely focus the curious eyes of the general public on your product. With a specific atmosphere and trendy eye-catchers, we give your image a big boost.

What we can do for you:

  • 3D artwork or display piece for your interior or storefront
  • A blow-up or mock-up as an eye-catcher at an event or exhibition
  • 3D figures in all sizes and formats
  • A 3D set piece for an amusement park or festival
  • Car advertising as powerful and mobile promotional tool
  • Enlarged logos or 3D wall lettering with full color prints or stickers
  • Isomo letters or numbers as decorative padding during a photo shoot
  • An organically designed piece of furniture for an Instagram spot or photowall
  • A 3D visualization of a work of art or reproduction of a statue
  • Out-of-the-box ideas... challenge us!


The secret recipe of Plug n' Play? Artistic thinking, rock-solid craftsmen, high-end machinery ánd styrofoam, of course.

Machine milling, manual sculpting, hands-on airbrushing and coating as the finishing touches to achieve the ultimate end product.

No idea is crazy enough!

Plug n' Play has built up an impressive portfolio of beautiful and challenging projects for diverse customers  throughout Belgium.

As a nice surplus, Plug n' Play gladly takes care of the delivery, installation, assembly or disassembly.

For years, we have worked together with the likes of Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, VRT and VTM  for all kinds of festival decors and TV sets.


Are you curious about what we have been able to accomplish in the past? Check out some of our completed projects here and get inspired!

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