Cookie Policy

Plug n' Play with registered office at Mechelsesteenweg 9, 2840 RUMST is responsible for this cookie policy. For all questions and/or comments please contact us at the above address or at the e-mail address 

Plug n' Play believes it is important that you can watch, listen, read or experience its Plug n' Play content at any place and at any time through various media platforms. Plug n' Play also wants to work on interactive services and services tailored to your needs. On Plug n' Play online services, techniques are used to personalize this, e.g. with the help of cookies and scripts. These techniques are referred to below as cookies for convenience. In this cookie policy, Plug n' Play wishes to inform you which cookies are used and why this is done. It further explains to what extent you as a user can control their use. This is because Plug n' Play would like to safeguard your privacy and the user-friendliness of its online services as much as possible. Plug n' Play has tried to keep this policy as simple as possible.

This cookie policy applies to all "Plug n' Play online services," specifically all websites, (mobile) applications and Internet services offered by Plug n' Play that provide access to Plug n' Play content.

Certain data collected allow to identify you or to establish a link with you as a natural person and therefore qualify as personal data. In this case, the information (including your various rights) set out in our privacy policy (see above) also applies to this processing by the cookies.

Plug n' Play may change the cookie policy at any time. This may happen e.g. in the context of changes to its services or applicable legislation. The changed policy will then be announced on the relevant Plug n' Play online services and apply from the time it is announced.

What exactly are cookies?

Cookies are small data or text files installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use a (mobile) application. The cookie file contains a unique code that allows your browser to be recognized by the website or web application during your visit to the online service or during successive, repeated visits. Cookies may be set by the server of the website or application you visit, but also by the servers of third parties ie whether or not they cooperate with this website or application.

Cookies generally make interaction between visitor and the website or application easier and faster and help the visitor navigate between different parts of a website or application.

How can you refuse or manage the use of cookies on Plug n' Play online services?

You can refuse the installation of cookies through your browser settings. You can also delete already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time as follows: 

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

If you disable cookies, please note that certain graphics may not look nice, or you may not be able to use certain applications. Below is a detailed list of all types of cookies used by Plug n' Play on its website.

Cookies used.

The following elements should be described for each cookie;

  1. Reverse proxy (example cookie)
  • Name of the cookie: VOGANONUSER
  • Purpose: the Reverse Proxy of the Flemish Government places this cookie on to ensure the proper execution of the transmission of communications over an electronic communications network works of the Flemish Government.
  • Website:
  • Cookie(s) posted by: Flemish Government
  • Recipients of data: Flemish Government
  • Validity: permanent cookies with a validity of up to 24 hours


Privacy Policy

By using certain parts of this site, or by subscribing to the newsletter, you are providing information that identifies you as a person. This only happens for our services and information provision and if you give your consent.

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) (also known as General Data Protection Regulation or'GDPR').

This privacy policy applies to the services of Plug n' Play. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and resources linked to our website, but we do reference them so you can find the necessary information.

By using this website, you accept this privacy policy.

You always have the right to
your retained personal data:

  • to be requested and viewed
  • to change (or have changed)
  • to delete (or have deleted)

This can be done for one or more entries in different databases.

If you make the changes or deletion yourself, it is effective immediately. If you submit a request to make changes, it is done as soon as possible and at least within 30 days.

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) (also known as General Data Protection Regulation or'GDPR').

This privacy policy applies to Plug n' Play's services We are not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and resources linked to our website, but we link to them so you can find the necessary information.

By using this website, you accept this privacy policy.

How do you assert your rights?

You can do this by clicking on a link at the bottom of the newsletter or by emailing a simple request to You can also use the contact form.

Always state:

  • First and last name of the person you want to delete or change.
  • Email address of the person you want to delete or change.
  • What changes you want to make or you want the person deleted.

This is how we process your data:

The controller is:

  • Plug n' Play
  • Mechelsesteenweg 9, 2840 RUMST
  • BE0898211090

Your personal data will be processed by the following data processors (who are also GDPR compliant):

Plug n' Play with registered office at Mechelsesteenweg9, 2840 RUMST with company number BE0898211090 and can be reached at

For sending e-newsletters, the data processor is Mailchimp based in the U.S.A. By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to Mailchimp's terms and conditions.

For usage analysis of our website we use Google Analytics. This collects anonymous information about the use of this website. This data is not passed on to Google and is not used for marketing and advertising purposes.

What data is collected?

Only personal data is collected that is necessary to fulfill a certain part of our service or to send you information.

That may be:

  • first name and surname
  • email address
  • residential address
  • work address
  • phone number
  • VAT number

In forms, some information is mandatory (usually marked with an *),these data are needed to provide you with the desired service.

Other information -not marked with an *- may be useful, but is not absolutely necessary. You choose whether to enter data here.

No marketing profiles are created on the basis of data entered or cookies placed (see below).

Why is your personal data being kept?

Your personal data is used for a specific purpose (and only for that purpose) with the following legal bases:

  • Contact form: to fulfill your request, provide a response (perform assignment).
  • Newsletter subscription: to send you a newsletter from time to time with offers or information that may interest you (consent data subject). This newsletter will be sent only if there is information of interest to you.

An exception to this can only be made with your explicit consent.

How long will your data be kept?

Personal data is kept as long as necessary to provide you with the service you activated yourself or for which you gave your consent. Your personal data will be kept for a maximum of 5 years after its last use.

Transfer to third parties.

Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. We only use services that process personal data if we have a processing agreement with them, if they are necessary for our services and information provision and if they can guarantee the secure storage of personal data with guarantee for your privacy.

Your personal data will only be transmitted if this is necessary for the purpose for which you gave your consent and provided the personal data (sending newsletter or if this is required and permitted by law - e.g. in the context of a judicial investigation).

We do not provide personal data to parties based outside the EU, except Mailchimp and Google.


We have absolutely no intention of collecting data on website visitors who are minors, even if they have parental or guardian consent. However, we cannot verify whether a visitor is a minor. Therefore, please be involved in the online activities of minor children to prevent their data from being processed by us or our partners.

Automatic storage of non-personal data.

During a visit to this website, data are automatically stored about the use of the website.This is only non-personal and anonymous data. (e.g. your IP address is not tracked). We analyze that information with Google Analytics(read the privacy policy of Google and Google Analytics for more info) in order to improve our website. However, no personal information is tracked or transmitted to Google and other third parties.

Data security.

The computers and Internet connections on which your personal data are stored and transported are secured as much as possible against hacking, installation of malware and other improper use. The computers and network can only be logged on with a username and password.

Anyone who may view or know your personal data on behalf of Plug n' Play is bound by confidentiality of that information.

Personal data is backed up to be restored in case of physical or technical incidents.

All Plug n' Play employees have been informed of the importance of protecting personal data and privacy.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

This site contains share buttons for social media networks. The code behind these buttons places -when used- a cookie on your computer. This is subject to the privacy rules of the social networks. We have no influence on and bear no responsibility for what these networks do with your personal data. 

We also have no control over how other social media users treat your information after you share something posted on our website. 


This website uses functional and analytical cookies. This is done anonymously. Read more about this in our cookie policy at the bottom of this page.

To summarize:functional cookies make our website work better, analytical cookies tell us a little more about how the website is used. No personal data is collected or transmitted in this process. The cookies are not used for marketing or advertising.

You can disable and enable cookies in your browser settings and also delete them.

If things go wrong...

We handle your personal data as carefully as possible and keep it secure. If something does go wrong, we will inform you as soon as possible and do everything we can to limit the damage.

Dispersal of your personal data due to data theft or data leakage cannot give rise to claims for damages against us.


This privacy policy may change. We update the rules and conditions to best protect your privacy and transparently handle your personal data. So please check back regularly. The last modifications are dated October 19, 2021. 


If, despite our precautions, you still have complaints about our use of your personal data, please contact and we will find a solution.

More information about complaint procedures can be found on the following website: privacy commission, FlemishSupervision Commission.