What are the differences between modular and custom trade show booths?

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11 Jan 2022
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When choosing a trade show booth for your business, it is important to decide which type of booth best suits your specific needs. There are two main options: modular trade show booths and custom-made trade show booths.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular trade show booths are standard designs that can be customized to meet your specific needs. This means that you can take your pick of different modules, sizes and shapes, and combine them to create a booth that fits your brand and your products. A major advantage of modular trade show booths is that they are often faster and cheaper to build than custom trade show booths.

Customized trade show booths

Custom trade show booths are designed and built specifically for your business. This means they can be completely customized to meet your specific requirements. A custom-made trade show booth gives you the freedom to decide on every aspect of the booth, from the design to the dimensions, and everything in between. The downside of custom-made trade show booths, however, is that they are more expensive and time-consuming to produce than modular trade show booths.

In short, modular exhibition stands offer faster and affordable solutions, while custom exhibition stands offer more flexibility and uniqueness. It is important to evaluate your specific needs and decide which option best suits your business.

At Plug n' Play, we are always ready to help you make the right choice for your trade show booth.

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